I’m Not Impressed With MLA’s Living On $610 Welfare For A Month Stunt


Dear Editor

What should we think of a politician who has been a Surrey MLA, that too a socialist (NDPer) has finally decided to spend a month on $610 “to experience first-hand what life is like being on welfare.”

Now Jagrup Brar after being an M.L.A. for seven years, drawing six figure income, perks and ongoing increments and all statistics at his disposal on cost of living has decided to spend time with those on welfare. He wants to know after paying $375 on rent, $40 on bus pass and $20 on cell phone, on smoke how they stretch their dollar to survive. Nobody is going to hear anything new.

Brar’s decision has amazed me. He is neither a student nor a social worker doing a research if the monthly welfare amount  is enough to get by. He is well educated, a Canadian university graduate, a former Executive Director of the Surrey Self Employment and Entrepreneur Development Society (SEEDS), Jagrup Brar helped trained new entrepreneurs in developing and launching successful small business ventures.

Any welfare recipient can tell you what Brar is going to say after one month that it is very hard to get by with $610. Mr. Brar, You don’t stand out the house to know the cold temperature when you have a barometer.

You want to do something, hand over $20,00 to Food Bank. I am not impressed.

Shan Rana

Surrey, BC