Independent Jewish Voices Denounces Harper’s Choice Of Canada’s New Ambassador To Israel


OTTAWA- Independent Jewish Voices –Canada (IJV) is appalled by the PMStephen Harper government’s decisionto appoint Vivian Bercovici as Canada’snext ambassador to Israel, the organizationsaid in a press release this week.Bercovici, a Toronto lawyer, is wellknownfor her unconditional support forIsrael and her intransigence to thePalestinian cause. Her appointment,together with Harper’s upcoming trip toIsrael, clearly demonstrates the Harpergovernment’s opposition to a just andpeaceful resolution to the dispute inIsrael and Palestine.“If Harper cared about peace and justicein Israel and Palestine, he wouldn’t haveappointed an apologist for Israel’s crimesto the post of ambassador,” says IJVspokesperson, Tyler Levitan. “WhileNetanyahu continues to expand illegalIsraeli settlements, which is in grave violationof the fourth Geneva Conventionand prevents any viable Palestinian statefrom coming into existence, Bercoviciand the Harper government refuse tocondemn settlement expansion.”Prime Minister Harper announced hisplans to go to Israel at the JewishNational Fund’s Negev Gala onDecember 1, which raisedmoney for the Stephen J.Harper Hula Valley BirdSanctuary. As the PrimeMinister has been madeaware, the sanctuary sits overthe ruins of dispossessed anddemolished Bedouin villages.“Harper’s trip to Israel isemblematic of his uncriticalsupport for Israel’s illegal andimmoral policies towards thePalestinians, coming off theheels of his recent honouringat the racially discriminatoryJewish National Fund’sfundraising gala,” saysLevitan.IJV- Canada supports a justand peaceful resolution tothe dispute in Israel andPalestine through the implementationof internationallaw, and respect for thehuman rights of all parties.