India’s Favourite Kurkure Now Available In Canadian Made Variety!


India’s Most Trusted Salty Snack Brand NowManufactured And Sold In Canada.

T O R O N T O– PepsiCo FoodsCanada is excitedto announce thatKurkure® – India’sfavourite salty snackbrand – is now madeand available fresh inCanada. This is thefirst time Kurkuresnacks are being manufactured inNorth America.Developed in India, Kurkureis a crunchy, salty snack brand thathas redefined the country’s snacklandscape. Today the Kurkurebrand has grown in status and isthe most loved salty snack in India.Its growing popularity has alsospurred demand for the product inSouth Asian communities abroad.Praveen Someshwar, CEO,Foods, PepsiCo India says “Kurkureis one of the most successful innovationsfor PepsiCo India. We areproud that the brand has grown toa status that transcends borders.Now our Canadian fans can enjoymade Kurkure that offers the greattaste of our India-made product.”The recipe for the CanadianmadeKurkure was developed inclose partnership with India andoffers Canadian fans a great-tastingproduct that is always guaranteedfresh tasting and locally-made. Thebrand and marketing strategy forKurkure in Canada will be led bythe Canadian PepsiCo Foods marketingteam.As it’s commonly known, theSouth Asian population is growingexponentially in Canada, specificallyin cities like Toronto & Vancouverwhere one quarter of Canadiansare of Asian or South Asiandescent*. This group has extensivelyinfluenced the Canadian foodindustry, swaying grocery manufacturersand retailers to develop andoffer products tailored to their tastepreferences.“The decision to bring theKurkure brand to Canada is a greatexample of PepsiCo Canada tappinginto our global network tobring authentic products that appealto diverse consumer communitiesin Canada”, says Ian Adler,Senior Director of Marketing forPepsiCo Foods Canada. “By makingKurkure in Canada, we canensure Canadian consumers haveaccess to a fresh and authenticKurkure experience.”