India, China Among Less Business Friendly Nations


NEW DELHI – India and China have been known in the world for acquiring most businesses related to manufacturing, IT and others and so it might come as a surprise when these country’s governments are tagged less friendly towards business by the executives around the world. Joining India and China is Russia for being unfriendly businesswise and this trend has being recorded for over the past three months. As per the FT/Economist Global Business Barometer survey, a reverse in the gains was noticed at the beginning of the year in these countries as reported by Claire Jones for the Financial Times.

Among the four largest emerging economic countries, Brazil showed a positive rating for business friendliness in the quarterly survey which included over 1,500 senior executives. The survey focuses on the economical growth of the four countries, Brazil, Russia, India and China or BRIC, which largely depends on the public relation that each country shares with the world, which is progressing at a slow rate.

China was rated among the unfriendly or too unfriendly governments by one third of the executives interviewed. However the current score is better than the survey done at the start of the year, when over two-third of the surveyed executive judged China, the second largest economy in the world as business unfriendly nation.