India-wide Protest Against Anti-Corruption Activist Hazare’s Detention


NEW DELHI – People across India take to the streets to protest against the detention of social activist Anna Hazare and his supporters in New Delhi. Kolkata

Following Anna’s detention, an NGO “Help us Help them” is going to observe a silent protest in the city. “This is horrid and unacceptable. It is against our democratic polity. We are all free to demonstrate in a peaceful manner. Anna is fighting for our country, for the well being of all its citizens. We should all unite to support him. Our NGO is supporting his cause. We will be having a peaceful demonstration today,” said Mukti Gupta, the secretary of the organisation.

The youngsters of the city have also planned to support the protest. “Anna came as a special guest in a television show on Friday. He requested all the Indians to support him by standing out of their houses at 8pm today. My friends and I have decided to follow his wishes,” said Priyanka Sau, a resident of Bally in Howrah district.

People in Chennai gathered to support social activist Anna Hazare’s demand for a strong anti-corruption bill, said the India Against Corruption (IAC), which backs the leader.

“With Anna Hazare being detained by Delhi Police, we will soon decide on the issue of courting arrest,” media coordinator for IAC Bhavana Upadhyaya told IANS.

Freedom fighter Lakshmikanthan Bharathi, 85, began his fast. Ninety-year-old Venkata Kalyanam, former personal secretary to Mahatma Gandhi, is also expected to join.