Indian Entrepreneurs Can Build Next Google, Says Eric Schmidt


NEW YORK – India’s entrepreneurialinnovators have the potential to buildthe ‘next Google’ if the country ‘plays itscards right’ and ensures Internet accessfor millions of its citizens, Google’sexecutive chairman Eric Schmidt hassaid.In an essay written for the book’Reimagining India: Unlocking ThePotential of Asia’s Next Superpower’edited by global consulting firmMcKinsey, Schmidt dubbed India ‘anInternet laggard’ saying he feels Internetin the country today is like where it wasin America in about 1994 – four yearsbefore Google was even born.He said India must increase its Internetpenetration across towns and cities, amove that will have a positive impact onits economy and society.The former Google CEO said he witnessedthe creative potential of India’speople all around him in Silicon Valleywhere India-born entrepreneurs accountfor?40 % of start-ups.’Just think whatwill happenwhen India’sentrepreneurialinnovatorsare able to creategreat globalcompanies without leaving their country.They will change?the world. Hundredsof large firms focused on the Internetwill be founded and will succeed byfocusing purely on Indian consumers,Indian taste, Indian style,?Indian sports.’Can anyone of those companies ultimatelybecome the next Google? Ofcourse.’ ‘That may not happen for quitea few years. But if India plays its cardsright, we will soon see Indian engineersand small businesses tackling Indianproblems first, then exporting the solutionsthat work best,’ Schmidt said.With a total population of 1.2 billion,India has over 600 million mobile-phoneusers but only about 150 million peopleregularly connect to the Internet.