Indian Railways- World’s 8th Biggest Employer


BANGALORE – Creating jobs is a very important aspect of any economy. All countries are judged depending on the number of jobs that are created or what is the employment or unemployment rate. There are several sectors which helps government to create jobs. Big Companies or large organizations are boon to country’s economy as the rate of employment increases and it increases the scope of productivity. Economists traced 10 largest employers in the world.

India has the second largest railway network in the world, carrying over 30 million passengers a day and it is the eight biggest employers in the world. This system became unified in 1951, after combining 42 different Indian railroad companies. At present everything is run by one management. It operates out of the Indian government. Indian Railways oversees most of India’s rail transportation. The headquarters is at New Delhi and Dinesh Trivedi heads the department .

U.S. Defense Department has 3.2 million employers in the world. It is known as the largest employers in the world. Employers are working in the armed services, the National Guard, the reserves and civilian support.