Indians Consider Themselves Most Hard Working After Americans: Study


NEW DELHI – A majority of Indiansconsider themselves as the most hardworkinglot after Americans, says a lateststudy.According to a study by Monster-GfK,85 percent of the people surveyed inIndia say they think U.S. workers aremost industrious.GfK is an independent global marketresearch company. Besides, Indians ranktheir own nation a close second, withfour out of five Indians (81 percent) consideringthemselves a hard-workingnation, followed by China (79 percent)and Germany (75 percent).”As we have seen, Indians are generallyan optimistic people, imbued with a positive,entrepreneurial attitude – and theyhave great faith in the commitment oftheir fellow workers,” Monster.comManaging Director Sanjay Modi said.”The minority of Indians who do notconsider their country’s workforce industriousmight think about whether theirown work environment influences thisview – if they don’t feel inspired by theattitude of their colleagues, it may betime to find better,” he added.It was conducted among more than8,000 people in countries like Canada,France, Germany, India, Netherlands, theUK and the U.S., including 1,016 inIndia.The survey said that two in five (40 percent)Indians have a strong belief in theircountry’s competitive spirit, but themajority of the population actually doesn’tfeel fully confident about their country’sability to completely bounce backfrom economic hardship.