India’s Re-Elected Politicians Get Double The Salary Hike Of CEOs


NEW DELHI –  Have you ever wished to become wealthy in a span of a few years? In India, Politics has a Midas touch where no politician earns less than they invest once they enter into politics. Politics has remained constant and is least affected by the slowing economy and rising inflation.

The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) has exposed that in a period of five years, there was a three-fold average increase in assets of re-elected Members of Parliament and Members of Legislative Assemblies between two elections, as reported by Chetan Chauhan for Hindustan Times.

The average income and possessions of India’s 100 wealthiest legislators has increased by 745 percent among two consecutive elections or five years, according to ADR data on 1,370 re-elected MLAs and 200 re-elected MPs.

This growth is twice the average salary hike of chief executive officers (CEOs) of blue-chip companies in India.

The annual salary increase survey given out by Aon Hewitt mentioned that the salary of CEOs of India’s top 87 multi-national companies has been raised by about 20 percent in 2012 where the pay of top business managers have gone up by 60-80 percent.

In the case of a BJP MLA in Uttarakhand, Rajesh Shukla’s assets, it has increased by more than 2900 percent in five years, that is, from 87 lakh in 2007 to more than 26 crore in 2012.