Indo-American-Led Research Teams Finds New Potential Treatment For Diabetes


HOUSTON – In a significantdiscovery, a team of researchersled by an Indo-Americanhas found that a single genedysfunction in mice results in developingfasting hypoglycemia,one of the major symptoms ofType 2 diabetes.The discovery by researchers,led by Prof. Bellur S Prabhakar,focused on a gene MADDfor the study and may enable anew potential treatment for diabetespatients. If MADD is notfunctioning properly, insulinis not released into the bloodstreamto regulate blood sugarlevels, said Prabhakar, professorand head of microbiology andimmunology at University of Illinoisat Chicago.In previous work, Prabhakarisolated several genes from humanbeta cells, including MADD,which is also involved in certaincancers. Small genetic variationsfound among thousands of humansubjects revealed that a mutationin MADD was stronglyassociated with Type 2 diabetesin Europeans and Han Chinese.