Indo-British Men Jailed For Counterfeiting Currency


LONDON – Four Indianoriginmen have been jailed inBritain for printing and circulating1.2 million pounds of counterfeitcurrency.Amrit Karra, 45, and hisbrother Prem Karra, 43, bothfrom Walsall, a town in the WestMidlands and their brothers-inlawRajiv Kumar, 40, of WestBromwich, and Yash Mahey, 44,of Handsworth in Birmingham,were convicted following a fiveweektrial at the BirminghamCrown Court Monday, the Mirrorreported.Two brothers, who usedtheir printing firm to churn outthe fake bank notes, have beenjailed for seven years.They used specialist paperinks and foil to run off the nearperfectforgeries of 10 poundsnotes at their print-works inHockley in Birmingham.The court also sentencedthe other accused Yash Maheyand Rajiv Kumar forfour-and-a-half years for theirinvolvement in the crime.Judge Richard Bond saidsuch offences undermined theintegrity of Britain’s financialsystem. “People who commitoffences of this type must realisethat those who counterfeitcurrency must expect long sentencesof imprisonment,” Bondtold the men. “In this case theamount of money produced anddisseminated into general circulationwas enormous.”