Indo-Canadian Tory Candidate’s Husband Charged With Sex Assault


Tory Leader Tim Hudak address a Brampton rally Wednesday with candidate Pam Hundal, right, whose husband Gurmeet “Bill” Bhangal was in court Thursday on sex assault charges.

Ontario Conservative Leader Hudak Rallies Behind Pam Hundal

TORONTO – Indo-Canadian Progressive Conservative candidate locked in a heated election battle in Ontario got some bad news when her husband was charged with sexual assault.

But tough on crime Tory leader Tim Hudak is rallying behind Pam Hunda, whose husband Gurmeet “Bill” Bhangal was in court Thursday on sex assault charges.

Bhangal has a pretrial hearing in Ontario Superior Court for an incident involving a young woman that allegedly took place April 15.

“I am a big fan of Pam’s,” Hudak said at a campaign stop Wednesday, where he was trying to promote his law and order agenda, specifically getting prisoners to perform 40 hours a week of manual labour.

“I think she is a real star for our team and she is also raising two young kids close in age to my little girl Miller.”

Hudak understands Hundal, who unsuccessfully ran for the Conservatives in 2007, is having a hard time at the moment. “My heart goes out to them in this difficult time but I have full confidence in (her),” he told the Toronto Star newspaper.

Hudak spent Thursday morning in Brampton at the Turnberry Golf Club, where Hundal and other Peel-area Tory candidates held a rally. Hundal glowingly introduced Hudak. She did not want to talk to the Star about her husband’s case.

“I have no comment,” said Hundal, the candidate in Brampton-Springdale. She is running against Liberal incumbent Linda Jeffrey, the former minister of natural resources, and NDP candidate Mani Singh.

Bhangal, 45, owns a number of Jiffy Lube franchises in Ontario and had his own political aspirations at one time. He tried unsuccessfully to win an Alliance party nomination in the old Bramalea—Gore—Malton—Springdale riding.

Hudak is hoping to capitalize on the Brampton-area Conservative three-peat in the May 2 federal election. Tory Parm Gill won the Brampton-Springdale riding, Bal Gosal won in the Bramalea-Gore-Malton and Kyle Seeback won in Brampton West.

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