Is Aishwarya Fed Up Of Jaya Bachchan’s Constant Meddling?


MUMBAI – Bollywood diva AishwaryaRai has been living as a dutifuldaughter-in-law since she got married toAbhishek Bachchan in 2007.She is known to share a strong bondwith both her father-in-law AmitabhBachchan and his wife Jaya Bachchan.However, if rumours are to be believedthen Aishwarya is keen to move out ofthe family home and live separately withher husband and daughter.A report in Indian Express says thatthings are not smooth between Aishwaryaand Jaya. The report further adds thatJaya allegedly keeps a tab on all activitiesof her bahu and keeps on interfering inher professional as well as personal matters.It is said that Aishwarya is expectedto update Jaya about all her professionalactivities, something that Aishwarya doesnot appreciate.There are also rumours that bothof them are very uncomfortable in eachother’s company at public events. It wasalso reported a few days back that Jayascolded a reporter who called Aishwaryaby her name, creating quite a scene at aparty. Well we sure hope that they resolvetheir differences and can put these rumoursabout a rift between the saas-bahuto rest.