Is The Protection That Bike Helmets Provide Enough To Prevent A Brain Injury?

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In the light of “Go By Bike” week in BC, our personal injury lawyers atSimpson Thomas& Associates wantto remind cyclers of the importance of wearing adequate protective gear while cycling BC roads.

Recent analyses show that in Canada, 73% of fatal cycling events were attributed to collisions with a motor vehicle, while the rest were attributed to collisions with another cyclist or a stationary object. In addition, 7,500 cyclists are also seriously injured in Canada each year, with many suffering from moderate to severe brain injuries.

World-wide studies have routinely shown that wearing a bicycle helmet properly is associated with a reduced risk of fractures, severe brain injuries, andfatal head injuries. However, bicycle helmet use does not eliminate the risk of a brain injury, even if a cyclist is wearing a properly fitted, top-of-the-line, approved helmet when a bicycle accident occurs – especially if the cyclist is struck by a motor vehicle.

Risk of Brain Injury Despite Wearing a Bike Helmet

 It is still possible to suffer a brain injury while wearing a bike helmet, as a traumatic brain injury (TBI), which can range from mild to severe, occurs due to the impact of rapid deceleration, acceleration or a collision. In addition, damage to the brain can be caused by a direct blow to the head, jolting or shaking of the brain against the sides of the skull, or a whiplash-type injury (all of which are frequently caused by the forces involved in bicycle/motor vehicle accidents). Each of these types of brain injury can occur even when a bicycle helmet is being worn. For example, suppose a cyclist is hit by a car and thrown from their bicycle. In that case, a traumatic brain injury can be caused by the jarring force of the impact between the bicycle and the car (particularly in a high-velocity collision) or by the cyclist striking their head on the vehicle or the asphalt – even if the cyclist is wearing a bike helmet.

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