“It’s Been A Good Formula”: Tim Cook Reveals 4 Traits Apple Looks For In Job Candidates


Apple CEO Tim Cook recently revealed the four qualities his company looks for in candidates during the hiring process. 

Mr Cook was invited to the University of Naples Federico II’s commencement ceremony last week. At the event, the Apple chief told the graduates from the Italian university that he believes Apple’s success depends on its culture and who it hires. Mr Cook said that Apple typically seeks out employees with four shared skills – the ability to collaborate, creativity, curiosity and expertise. 

“It’s been a very good formula for us,” Mr Cook said, as per CNBC. He noted that the traits mentioned above also contribute to ambitious, yet supportive workplace culture. “It’s not like somebody goes in a corner or closet and figures out (how to build technology) by themselves,” he stated.

Further, as he spoke, the Apple chief ranked the skill sets in order. He explained that the reason collaboration is imperative is because it combines all three of the other skills. 

“We look for… the fundamental feeling that if I share my idea with you, that that idea will grow and get bigger and get better,” Mr Cook said, adding, “And that [collaborative] process is how Apple creates products”.