Kangana Roots For Women’s Safety

In the aftermath of the heinousgangrape of the 23-year-old Delhigirl last month, police authoritieseverywhere seem to be scurrying tolaunch new initiatives for the safetyof women. For one such measure,Delhi Police roped in actressKangana Ranaut to appeal againstthe use of tinted glasses in cars.Kangana, who isshooting in the capital,told TOI thatshe feels stronglyagainst the malice ofeve-teasing.
Theactress’s vociferousview can perhaps beattributed to the factthat her sister is anacid attack survivor.She says, “It’s notjust about my sister.No one has the rightto treat womenbadly. The way oursociety looks atwomen is awful. TheDelhi gangrape hasunited the countryin a momentumagainst such evilsand we should notlet it die.
It’s a shamethat this happenedin our country and Iwill stand up againstit. Crimes takingplace behind tinted windows gounnoticed. That’s why we must sayno to these to help create safety forwomen on roads.”Kangana says she will also continuethe initiative in Mumbai inher own way and appeal to peopleto stop the use of tinted glasses.