Karan Johar Denies Rumours Of Rift With SRK

No doubt Shah Rukh andKaran were inseparable but oflate a lot has changed. Karanseems to be bonding with SRK’sarch nemesis Salman and there’sthe apparent possibility of themworking together.This led people to speculatethat he was drifting away fromShah Rukh.
But now Karan Johar hasdecided not to keep quiet andclear the air once and for all. Inan interview to a tabloid, KJosays, “Nothing or no one canever come between Shah Rukh,Gauri and me.”In fact, Karan is currentlyin London bonding with theKhans, which goes to show thatall is well.KJo goes further to silencedetractors by stating,
“I am hereto spend time with Aryan andGauri. Shah Rukh, Gauri and Iare a unit that has evolvedbeyond the realms of the filmfraternity.”Karan goes to show thateven if he’s bonding withSalman, SRK will never be outof his life.”Shah Rukh is like my olderbrother, and I am bound to himfor emotional, spiritual and professionalreasons,” he says in theinterview.
As for the buzz aroundwho will be cast in Karan’s nextproject – many assumed it wouldbe Salman – the filmmakermakes one thing clear: heassigns roles based on their suitability.However, he admits hefinds working with Shah RUkhvery exciting especially consideringhow he gets better with age!