Language Department Punjab Honours Dr. Raghbir Singh Bains For Enriching Punjabi Language And Literature


PATIALA – The Language Department of the Government of Punjab honoured Dr Raghbir Singh Bains during the Shiromani Literary and Special Awards ceremony held at Punjabi University Patiala for enriching Punjabi language and literature. Many other prominent personalities who worked for promotion of Punjabi language and literature in the world were also honoured.

Virtually a living legend, Raghbir Singh Bains is first of its kind world known writer and creator of the ‘Encylopaedia of Sikhism’ on Multimedia technology which was released by the Prime Minister of Canada in the Canadian Parliament during 1996. Bains is proud record holding producer-director of the six ‘Multimedia Sikh Museums’ on robotic and touch screen technology in the world where he used English, Punjabi and French languages. He is highly awarded scholar, longtime philanthropist, committed environmentalist, experienced drug therapist, tireless volunteer and an energetic social worker. He is an iconic educator, researcher, cultural mentor and a multifaceted role model for all ages – rolled into one. Dr Bains is a nonstop volunteer who at the age of 80 still inspires others to do selfless service to the society through all the hours and all the days without break. He himself stands strongly for human liberty, equality, fraternity and wellbeing of the entire human race without any leaning towards caste, colour, creed and region of an individual. He knows many languages and has widely travelled in the world to empower long neglected womanhood.

Dr Bains has been instrumental in putting up Punjabi street signs in Surrey-Delta Punjabi Bazar in British Columbia and setting up a sole Punjabi speaking Community Police Station in Canada. He is also an established writer of classic Punjabi Books. He wrote hundreds of articles on socio-cultural evils in Punjabi and English which were vigorously carried by the global media.

Bains is an inspired volunteer to end the menace of drugs, domestic violence, rapes, prostitution, foeticide, HIV-AIDS and social inequality. Born and brought up in Punjab, Raghbir Singh Bains immigrated to Canada during the year 1990 and has since been working to eradicate various religio-social and cultural problems in North America,  Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and other countries of different regions. He worked on various advisory committees of British Columbia in Canada. He helped numberless Punjabi knowing new immigrants in Canada to start honourable life in the new country of their choice.

Bains is winner of dozens of local, national and international awards, honours, titles and accolades for doing selfless service to the global society which include the Order of British Columbia (Canada), Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award, Canada,  Prime Minister’s Volunteer Award Canada, Queen Elizabeth 11’s Diamond and Golden Jubilee Medals, Order of Khalsa, India, Sikh Scholar of Computer Age-Title, India,  Panth Ratan Title, Lifetime Achievement Award bestowed by the Parliamentarians of Canada, Good Citizen of Surrey Title BC, Canada and many more honourable awards.

In giving heartfelt gratitude for the Special Award, Dr Bains said with humility that with support of his family, friends, colleagues and community at large, he will continue serving the global society especially the Punjabi speaking diaspora living in more than 162 countries of the world with more passion, inner zeal, impetus and higher momentum.  In an interview Dr Bains urged the youth to build up a healthy world of their dreams that could stand for global peace and prosperity.