Liberals Open Up A 7-Point Lead In Campaign’s Closing Days


ORONTO – The latest tracking by Nanos Research for CTV News and the Globe and Mail suggests the Liberals have a seven-point lead in the closing days of the federal election campaign.

Numbers released on Oct. 14 show:

The Liberals at 37.1 per cent support nationally

The Conservatives at 29.2 per cent support nationally

The NDP at 24.5 per cent support nationally

The Green Party at 4.3 per cent support nationally

Respondents were asked: “If a federal election were held today, could you please rank your top two current local voting preferences?”

If Canadians were voting today, the most recent results suggest they would elect a Liberal minority government, pollster Nik Nanos told CTV News Channel on Wednesday.

“With a seven-point advantage, the Liberals are in very good shape,” he said. “However, there’s five days left and a lot could happen.”

The late shift towards Liberal support means that Harper needs more than a well-run campaign to take the lead, Nanos said.

“He needs some massive, major misstep from either the Liberal campaign or (Liberal Leader) Justin Trudeau to try and turn the current trend.”

Nanos said the NDP also faces an uphill battle in the coming five days.

After a strong start to the campaign, the party has fallen to third place in the most recent Nanos tracking, almost 12 percentage points behind the Liberals.