Liquor Coming To A Grocery Store Near You?


Don’t Tell The Drunks In Your World, Yet!!!

VANCOUVER – The BC Liberal government’spoint man on the liquor reviewis recommending liquor be allowed ingrocery stores.Parliamentary Secretary John Yap isendorsing liquor sales in grocery stores.Yap announced this week that his finalreport recommends government moveforward on developing and implementinga retail model that meets consumerdemands for greater accessibility, whilemaintaining B.C.’s high standards forprotecting health and public safety.In doing this, B.C. should maintain thecurrent cap on the total number of retailoutlets in the province. In addition, herecommends it be required that liquor beseparate from grocery products, ensuringcontinued restricted access to alcohol forminors. Both of these recommendationsreflect the views of health and safetyadvocates that Yap heard during hisreview.To provide public and private liquorstores with time to adjust to thesechanges, Yap recommends that the B.C.government adopt a phased-in approachto the new retail model.It will now be up to Attorney Generaland Minister of Justice Suzanne Antonto ensure that new legislation, regulationsand policies that are developed to meetthe new recommendations. Yap’s finalreport was delivered to Anton on Nov.25, 2013, as per his terms of reference.The report puts forward more than 70recommendations on modernizing B.C.’sliquor laws, focused on enhancing convenienceand growing B.C.’s economy,while ensuring public health and safety.