“Love Hurt” Could Lead To Suicide


SUVA – Stress associated with love is the worst, sometimes leading some people to make an attempt to end their lives.

While stress is a normal thing in every person’s life, some are unable to cope with it and as such become suicidal. In Fiji, some people who tried to end their lives were interviewed by counsellors and health professionals.

The two things that were clear from the interviews of the “para suicide” people were that they either had family conflict or loss of social support.

The Ministry of Health’s non-communicable diseases national adviser, Doctor Isimeli Tukana, said a person reached a state of helplessness before he or she committed suicide or attempted to do so.

“It may be love stress, family stress or financial stress and when a person is unable to solve the problems in life, then he or she goes into a state of depression,” he said.

“That depression goes down to a state of helplessness and there is no more hope in that person’s life. But stress associated with love is the worst followed by family stress, financial stress and work stress, and when a person is unable to solve the problems in life. He or she then goes into a state of depression.”

She said stress was normal “but the issue is how to deal with it and how a person manages it”. Dr Tukana said there was a need for society to review how to deal with stress, especially with the changing times.

He said people could not change globalisation, urbanisation, old age and the pattern of disease. He said those changes brought about stress, which people had to deal with in their daily lives.