Malaysia Tourism Minister Launches Visit Malaysia Year 2014


Announcement Comes On The Heels Of Malaysia-Based PetronasAnnouncement That It Is Investing $36 Billion In LNG Gas Project In BC

Malaysia Tourism hosted a lavish event at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtownVancouver on Thursday evening. The media and travel-industry event, which featuredbeautifully choreographed dances from the country’s diverse cultural groups,including a large Indian population, comes on the heels of the Malaysian powerhousePetronas’s announcement this week that it is looking to invest billions, up to $36 billion,in Canada’s, specifically BC’s LNG industry! The country’s Tourism MinisterDato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz was on hand Thursday to boost Malaysia’stourist industry! It’s kind of like come visit us now that we are bringing you billions!


VANCOUVER – Malaysia Tourism hosteda lavish event for the media and thetravel-tourism industry at the HyattRegency Hotel in downtown Vancouveron Thursday evening to unveil plans towoo Canadians to Malaysia.The Malaysian tourism push comes onthe heels of the Malaysian powerhousePetronas’s announcement this week thatit is looking to invest billions, up to $36billion, in Canada’s, specifically BC’sLNG industry. It’s kind of like come visitus now that we are bringing you billions!The country’s newly appointed TourismMinister Dato’ Seri Mohamed NazriAbdul Aziz was on hand Thursday toboost Malaysia’s tourist industry and toldthe media that a number of initiatives arebeing undertaken to push tourism travelto Malaysia from Canada, including reestablishinga direct flight fromVancouver and other parts of Canada toKuala Lumpur, the country’s businesshub and capital.Aziz also revealed plans for the VisitMalaysia Year 2014 campaign during apress conference before the receptionThursday evening, unveiling details ofevents taking place in Malaysia throughout2014, and discussed the wide impactwhich Visit Malaysia Year 2014 is expectedto have on Malaysia’s tourism industryand economy.Aziz stressed that Canadians can getmileage on their dollar as one Canadiandollar is worth three Malaysian currencyand that is an advantage for cost consciousconsumers.Our selling point is that we are promotingecon-friendly, sustainable tourism thatgives you both the urban and wildlifeexperience at a very competitive cost.”Aziz said. “We love Canadians and wewant to see more of you in our country.”Visit Malaysia Year 2014 is a global campaignthat will be heavily promoted in keymarkets including Canada. The campaignaims to attract 28 million tourists to thecountry next year, with a target of 97,500Canadian tourists.The Minister also launched the ‘Knowyour Malaysia’ Facebook sweepstakes thatwill give one lucky winner an opportunityto visit Malaysia with a free flight for twofrom Canada to Kuala. He also unveiledthe ‘Buy and Win’ Trade Incentive withTravel week, a contest for travel agentscompeting for a chance to win a trip fortwo to Malaysia.The Minister also explained thatVisit Malaysia Year 2014 will bebased on four experientialthemes which highlight thediverse attractions in Malaysia.These themes are: Heritage &Culture, Adventure & Nature,Wellness & Spa, and Island &Beaches.The Minister’s sales mission toCanada concluded with culturalperformances and entertainmentfor the guests that included theDance Cultural Troupe fromMalaysia.The media and VIPs were treatedto beautifully choreographeddances from the country’s diversecultural groups, including a largeIndian population.

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