Malnourishment In Indian Children Affects IQ Level


NEW DELHI – In a developing and poor nation like India, malnutrition is a serious problem which is harming the society at large. It is one such country where 40 percent of its children are malnourished and they are the real victims of this deadly disease.

India among other nations has recently featured on a new global study which held that malnourished children not only are weak in their physical strength but they are also weak mentally. As a result of it, they are likely to fare poorly in their academics and in their learning process, as reported by Ankita Chakrabarty for Zee News.

Malnourished children are 20 percent less literate as compared to those with a healthier and balanced diet.  They are also less likely to be able to read or write an easy sentence, and score very less in mathematics tests, according to report of -The Save the Children’s ‘Food for Thought 2013’

The report is based on a research conducted on 7,300 children in countries like Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam. It found a connection between nutrition levels and the ability to read and write. If proper nutrition and care are not looked into in time, then the mental ability of the children might be permanently spoiled, suggested the report.