Man Who Murdered At Sacramento Sikh Festival Gets Life


SACRAMENTO – An Indo-American man from Elk Grove was sentenced to life in prison last Friday for the murder of a man at a 2008 Sacramento Sikh temple festival, Sacramento County Deputy District Attorney Anthony Ortiz said in a news release.

Amandeep Singh Dhami was sentenced to 82 years to life.  A jury convicted Dhami on June 17, 2015 of second-degree murder and attempted murder with firearm use enhancements.

At trial, prosecutor Anthony Ortiz  said, Dhami was ready to settle a score with rival Parmjit Pamma Singh, 26, in a long-standing feud that reignited at a San Jose nightspot.

The prosecution and defense varied in their versions of what happened, but, minutes after the pair arrived, Pamma Singh was shot dead on the festival’s cricket grounds, and his confidant, Sahibjeet Singh(a sexual assault criminal), was wounded but alive. Gosal was quickly captured in the mob scene that ensued and would go on to serve a prison term for second-degree murder in the shooting. Dhami managed to escape, eluding authorities for five years in India before he was returned to the United States in 2013 to stand trial.

Dhami took the stand at trial, testifying that he and Gosal went to the festival to mend fences after the incident at the San Jose nightclub, Pamma Singh, Alvinder Khangura and they’re gang were waiting for Dhami. Dhami was armed in case of an ambush. Alvinder testified that he Pamma, his brother (Jaskinder) & 15-20 guy night before they were all calling out Dhami from KTS truck yard in Sacramento. A person who doesnt want to be named said When cars moved they found a bag full of handbags. So both groups came armed.

Next to Pamma’s body was a gun. Dhami friend Baljinder Bajwa is seen in pictures picking up Pamma’a gun. Gosal was sentenced to 25 years to life in state prison.