Manasvini: A women’s Society promoting Hindi Literary skills amongst new writers


Manasvini, a literary women’s association, celebrated their one year anniversary on Saturday April 23 at the Newton Cultural Center, Surrey. Four eminent women speakers were invited to share more about their accomplishments and inspiring journey. A book written by Dr Neelam Batra-Verma, 1971-A War Story was released for the audiences and members of Manasvini at this event.

Manasvini has been organizing events promoting creative writing in Hindi and occasionally in English for the past year since it was formed on March 8 2021. Manasvini also organizes cultural events engaging participants from the South Asian diaspora as well as the rest of the multicultural community of BC.

Shikha Porwal and Asmita Lawrence are the founders of Manasvini who have created this platform for new writers to develop their literary skills in Hindi and to network with other women to share their thoughts, expressions and emotions. “Our tag line ‘Kitchen se Kalam tk’ in Hindi translates as ‘From the culinary to the literary’. We are a support system for each other and our expressions have been an effective way to stay connected and cope with the Covid19 pandemic” says Shikha.