Mayawati Moves To Slice UP Into Four, Stumps Rivals


LUCKNOW – Chief minister Mayawati stumped her rivals on Tuesday by spelling out her gamelan to carve four smaller states from the “most populous and… administratively cumbersome Uttar Pradesh”. Her Cabinet endorsed the decision to bring out a proposal in the winter session to split the state into four parts – Purvanchal, Paschim Pradesh, Bundelkhand and Awadh Pran: a move which will diminish the political heft that the mammoth province enjoyed by virtue of being home to 80 Lok Sabha seats and render irrelevant the political adage that the road to Delhi passed through UP.

Addressing mediapersons on Tuesday, the CM slammed the NDA and UPA regimes for “neglecting the long-standing legitimate demand for splitting UP” and promised to ensure its passage during the winter session that starts on November 21.

The opposition was quick to denounce Mayawati’s move as a clever ploy to divert people’s attention from issues like crime and corruption and score brownie points just ahead of the assembly election, with the shrill reaction reinforcing the estimate in the state capital that rivals may get together to bring a no-trust motion to stop the dalit czarina in her tracks. In any case, the prerogative to create new states or alter the boundaries of existing one vests in Parliament which is not aligned with Mayawati’s political needs.