Meghan Markle, Prince Harry buy screen rights to popular novel resembling their life for Netflix film


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have reportedly purchased the screen rights to the new release ‘Meet Me at the Lake,’ by Carley Fortune, to turn it into a Netflix film. Since being released in May, the popular novel was a ‘The New York Times’ bestseller for six weeks. The book revolves around a woman in her 30s, whose mom dies in a car crash, and her love story.

Deadline says the novel explores themes of “childhood trauma, including losing a parent in a car crash, mental health challenges and post-natal depression.” The book has a resemblance to Harry’s life, as his mother Princess Diana dies in a car crash in 1997. He met Meghan later and their love story ensued.

‘The themes of the book gripped the couple’

A source told The Sun that Meghan and Harry’s deal with Penguin Random House that may have cost nearly $4 million. “The themes of the book gripped the couple, and it was chosen for their first adaptation with Netflix,” the source said.”

Meghan and Harry have suffered a series of misfortunes in recent times. Harry’s memoir, ‘Spare, witnessed a fallout. The memoir contained several attacks on senior members of the Royal family, and Harry appeared in various interviews to promote the book. Meghan’s Spotify podcast was recently snubbed. Her Archetypes podcast will not be renewed for a second season.

Insiders close to Spotify claimed the royal couple failed to meet the productivity benchmark that was needed to receive the full payout, according to Wall Street Journal. Meghan, however, is reportedly planning to create more podcasts.

After the end of the first season, Spotify was reportedly planning to release a second season. Sources close to Meghan and Harry have claimed the couple would stop making Netflix documentaries, publishing memoirs and appear for interviews that do not speak well of the Royal Family.

‘So tired of his comparing, whining’

The pair is now being criticised on social media for their recent move. “It’s a bit macabre to do a film about this. Harry really has some serious issues. That author will regret this decision, mark my words…,” one user wrote on Twitter. Several other users commented on the thread, with one of them saying,“They don’t have the $$ to produce a movie. This is laughable.” “It’s sick! I’m so tired of his comparing, whining. They could have chosen any other book,” one user said, while another wrote, “This is gross, if true. Do these two ever consider others? Not just his brother (we know he has issues there) but his aunts, Diana’s sisters? They see their sister used as a money-making commodity by her own son? Her image trashed by him? He truly is a despicable person.” “Very sinister… obsessive,” one wrote.