Microsoft Targeting Businesses With Windows 8


SEATTLE – The Official launch date of Windows 8 is not announced yet, but the new trial version of Windows 8 has already created buzz among users. While most of us have just finished migrating to windows 7, the new Windows 8 OS has already arrived. The preview version of the upcoming OS is available for public download provided your PCs meet the minimum technical requirements.

Windows 8 provides plenty of features for small and midsize business (SMBs) that run on windows platform.  Whether you have an XP version, experimenting with the Vista , or working on  Windows 7, here are eight things you should know now about Windows 8 reports Kevin Casey in

Windows 8 gives a totally new experience and a change for long-time Windows users, its looks completely different and supports two types of interface that is ‘Metro style’ and ‘Classic Desktop’ interface, the former is preferably for the tablets and those devices which support screen touch. Depending on the needs Users will be able to select their preferred interface.

Applications in the metro style take up the entire screen without minimize or maximize buttons and spread across a pattern resembling mosaic of tiles. The tiles, which resemble road signs, can be navigated with a finger swipe on the screen or with a keyboard and mouse.