Miracle Man Gian Singh Kotli Thanks Premier John Horgan For Wonderful Appreciation Letter


By Gian Singh kotli


Dear R. Paul Dhillon, LINK editor, it is through The Link Newspaper that I thought it most appropriate to convey my heart-felt gratitude to Honorable John Horgan, Premier, British Columbia, for his most meaningful, appreciating and inspiring letter written to me.

The letter says, “You have proven yourself to be an inspiration to not only your community, but to all British Columbians”.


It made me fly very high in the sky with pride and honor that the Premier has highlighted and eulogized not only my community but also all people of British Columbia.

The Honorable Premier has nicely further appreciated and inspired me with these words,          “In addition to your illustrious contributions to Punjabi scholarship, Literature and poetry, you have climbed Grouse Mountain nearly 200 times. This is impressive for everyone.”


I heartily thank Premier John Horgan for all his nice inspiring words and also this concluding and highly encouraging wish wherein he says, “I look forward to following your story to hear of the future milestones you achieve.” It seems Premier John Horgan has heard this Sikh Quotation which I recite very often, “Spiritually enlightened people never grow old.” So he looks forward I should stay strong and go on hiking Grouse Grind.


Mr. R. Paul Dhillon, my inner self most forcibly compelled me to write about your very nice and most meaningful First page story about me published in The Link July 17, 2021.

You wrote, “Gian Singh Kotli is an amazing person who is an educationist, Sikh philosopher, poet, writer, columnist, and much, much more, so it is no wonder that he is also the King of the Hill (Grouse Grind King to be exact). Kotli is a Man for all Seasons……                                  You are a bird of Knowledge (Gian=knowledge) so keep Soaring to the Skies.”                              Mr. R. Paul Dhillon, Bundle of thanks to you.


(Gian Singh Kotli Surrey BC Canada C: 2368781517)