Missing Indo-Canadian Man’s Body Found In Fraser River


SURREY – The body of the missingIndo-Canadian man who disappearedmore than a week ago was found in theFraser River Wednesday morningJoginder Mander, 64,had last been seen onOct. 7 in Guildford.Shortly after his disappearance,his family initiateda manhunt.On Wednesday at about7 a.m., police pulled hisbody from the FraserRiver.Surrey RCMP confirmthey received a call fromstaff on the BarnstonIsland Ferry, whoreported a body was washed ashore onthe north side of the Fraser River.It is the second body found in just overa week in the Fraser. The first, foundmid-October, has not been identifiedyet.Mander was a staunchNDP supporter, workingfor the party in the Surreyarea for many years.At the time of his disappearance,there werereports in the media thatMander’s car was locatedsomewhere near theFraser River but thosereports were never confirmedby RCMP.It is not known how orwhy Mander ended up inthe Fraser River. Police say foul play isnot suspected.