Mohabtaan Teriyaan!


Singer Sony Dhugga met with members of the Punjabi Press Club Monday afternoon at the Grand Taj Banquet Hall in Surrey to talk about his new album “Mohabtaan Teriyaan, ” which was recently released in the market. Dhugga, who is in the Canadian military with rank of “bombaridier”, was honest and practical about his hobby which he hopes to turn into a profession, saying he knows that you can’t make money from the CDs anymore but he hopes that if people like his music he can perform stage shows which will lead to a paid singing career. He has also worked hard to Punjabi culture and its music within the mainstream media with his song “Canucks Waliya Ne” during the 2011 Stanley Cup playoff run which saw the Vancouver Canucks go to the finals and lose. No he didn’t get time for a new song for the Canucks as they hit the dust in 2013!