More Than 60,000 Children Go Missing In India Each Year


NEW DELHI – Childhood is an eternal bliss until it lasts, but if childhood is lived in misery and abuse it becomes a curse with no reasons attached. Missing children has been highlighted as one the biggest problems in the country. Being a recurring concern it needs stringent method in order to repress the social menace. The Justice Verma Committee was formed to look into amendments in criminal law and he is working on making amends in the justice system to curb the number of missing children in the country. He said, “A lakh kids go missing every year. The police must file an FIR, DM should maintain records,” as reported by Meenakshi Upreti for

Most of the missing children become victims to human trafficking and sexual abuse, which occurs often with police collusion, informed the Justice Verma commission. The conclusion was derived from the case of a minor girl, who was trafficked from Jharkhand to Delhi, who was forced to work without pay for a year and then trafficked to Punjab.

An NGO rescued the girl fortunately. However there are thousands of children waiting for a silver lining. Unlike in the case of the 11 year old son of Kunwarjit, who went missing two years ago, Kunwarjit informed that no legal action has been taken by the authorities to locate his son so far. He said, “Police hasn’t done a thing to find him. I got a call from my son once but the police refused to act on it saying that it was a hoax call. Had they acted then, probably I would’ve had my son, but now I think I won’t see him again,” as reported by IBN Live.