Motel Bollywood Ordered Torn Down By June 20


SURREY – The City of Surrey has given the owner of Motel Bollywood until June 20 to tear down his “hazardous” structure at 6670 King George Blvd.

At Monday night’s public hearing, Surrey city council unanimously approved a corporate report that called for the demolition of the structure, reported the Now newspaper.

Mayor Dianne Watts and council even voted to move the report up in the agenda to make it the first order of business.

The city originally cancelled Motel Bollywood’s business licence in September, forcing owner Gubakksh Khatkar to shut down all operations within 30 days. The cancellation came after fire officials and city workers documented numerous fire safety infractions between 2006 and 2012, such as missing or non-functioning smoke alarms and emergency exit signs, missing covers for electrical circuits and missing railings on an upper floor balcony.

The building was boarded up in January, though routine inspections found a number of subsequent break-ins, and the plywood covering the doors and windows quickly became a target for graffiti. Then, on Jan. 19 of this year, a fire – believed by Surrey Fire Services to have been deliberately set – compromised the structural integrity of the motel.

According to the latest corporate report, between Jan. 19 and March 8, “staff discovered breaches of security to the Structure on 13 separate occasions, including the removal of plywood boards covering up entryways into the Structure, and occurrences of intruders removing metal from the property.

Courtesy The Surrey Now