Mouni And I Didn’t Split Because Of Narayani: Gaurav

Gaurav, who has also lent hisvoice for a promotional song in theshow, says with a rueful grin, “Ialways thought I’d have to pay amusic label to sign me as a singer ifI wanted to sing.” He adds, “Peopleoften give me compliments by sayingmy voice resembles that of MrBachchan.
For Big Switch 4… theshowmakers wanted me to rap and Iagreed.” Gaurav insists he “doesn’twant to be associated with realityshows where actors have to abuse,fight or eat worms. I don’t evenwant to host such shows. I want todo shows that I can watch as a viewer.
“These days Gaurav is busy jugglingbetween the small and bigscreen. “I am doing a film calledRangdary which is based on the UPmafia,” shares Gaurav who is alsodoing an untitled intense romanticthriller. “I feel women audienceswould expect their husband to be asromantic as I am in the film afterwatching the movie,” he says. Likemost of his counterparts, Gauravshares a vision to don the cap of adirector.
“I am the most annoyingand irritating guy on the sets · Ialways keep giving my suggestions,so I hope one day someone willhand over the camera to me,” helaughs.Quiz him on the rumoursdoing the rounds about his personallife and the actor says, “I havebeen single for quitesometime.
There are very few peoplewhom I can consider as my truefriend and I don’t want to losethem. I don’t want to name anyone.I am friends with all my exes.”About the rumours that he brokeup with his girlfriend Mouni Roybecause of his ex-girlfriendNarayani Shastri, the actor says,”Mouni and I didn’t part waysbecause of Narayani. We had ourown issues. Narayani and I are stillin touch. Narayani, her boyfriendTony and I hang out together,” hesays.