NDP condemns Meta for blocking lifesaving information online amid raging fires 


In reaction to Meta blocking vital and lifesaving information on its platforms amid fires in the Northwest Territories and in northern British Columbia, NDP critic for Canadian Heritage Peter Julian issued the following statement:
“It is absolutely appalling for this multi-billion-dollar company to continue blocking vital and lifesaving information on its platforms while Canadians are fleeing for their lives amid extreme wildfires in the western part of the country.  
People evacuating from Yellowknife and Okanagan have complained that Meta’s ban on Canadian news has prevented them from sharing important information about the fires. What’s worse, Meta is allowing misinformation about the fires to circulate on their platforms which is creating further confusion for families seeking safety. This is completely unacceptable.  
New Democrats call on the federal government to use all the tools available to stop Meta from blocking vital information about the fires raging in these communities — this is a matter of life or death.”