NDP disappointed at rejection of motion to uncover US involvement in Freedom Convoy


OTTAWA– NDP MP Heather McPherson has expressed disappointment after Liberal and Conservative members refused to support an NDP motion that would have seen the American ambassador to Canada, Mr. David Cohen, appear at the Foreign Affairs committee.

MP McPherson wanted the ambassador to appear and address growing concerns about the American funding of the convoy that has turned into a national crisis. According to McPherson over 50 per cent of the identifiable donations came from the US and a comprehensive plan is needed to ensure this attempt to undermine Canada’s democracy never happens again.

“For the past eighteen days, healthcare workers have been targeted, retail workers and small business owners have been harassed and even assaulted, and thousands of people in downtown Ottawa, Southern Alberta and Windsor haven’t been able to go to work. Millions of dollars from anonymous donors and foreign actors are enabling the convoys and hurting Canadians, creating a dangerous situation,” said McPherson.

“It is deeply disappointing that members of the Liberal and Conservative parties do not think that this is a necessary step to uncovering US involvement. Mr. Cohen could have given us important information to help end the occupations and ensure Canadians are never again in this position.”

A Liberal Member of the committee said that McPherson’s request to get answers for Canadians from the ambassador was “not an urgent issue” despite her own government’s plans to invoke the emergency measures act to address the national crisis later today.

According to NDP its members have been introducing various motions since the convoy began. “NDP critic for public safety Alistair MacGregor has passed a motion to investigate online platforms like GoFundMe and GiveSendGo’s role in raising millions of dollars to support a protest that has a stated goal to undermine Canadian democracy. NDP MP Peter Julian has put forward a bill to ban hate symbols and Jagmeet Singh has repeatedly called for increased federal leadership,” said MDP in a release.

“It’s troubling that committee members don’t seem to understand the situation facing Canadians. We should be using every tool at our disposal to address this crisis for Canadians. The Liberals’ failure to lead has been staggering while the Conservatives have bounced back and forth between supporting the convoy and now, finally, asking them to leave and stop hurting Canadian workers,” said McPherson. “Canadians want action and answers. New Democrats will continue to help Canadians through this pandemic regardless of the Liberals’ and Conservatives’ failures and we will not stop until we have the answers Canadians’ deserve.”