NDP MLA Bains, MP Sims Co-Host Diwali Dhamaka!


MLA Harry Bains andMP Jinny Sims celebrate withhundreds of constituents as theyco-host Diwali Celebration.SURREY – On Saturday,MLA Harry Bains and MP JinnySims hosted an Open House tocelebrate Diwali. Everyone wasinvited to join in the celebrationswith music, food and festivities.The hall was filled with candlesas hundreds came out to spendpart of the afternoon withfriends and neighbours.The event, included snacks,music, enjoyment by all and washeld at the India Banquet Hall.The music was wonderful andfestive, supplied by Freedomand Leila, who performedthroughout the event.Says MP Sims, “As the daysgrow shorter and darker, it isimportant to take time to meetwith friends and family. TheDiwali candles offer warmthand hope as the winter seasonbegins.”“I am so pleased to seefriends, family and neighbourscame out to join us today,” saidMLA Harry Bains, “I am proudto share in the celebration ofDiwali with my constituents.This celebration provides anopportunity for our diversecommunities to come togetherin the spirit of friendship andpeace to celebrate through musicand dance.”MLA Harry Bains andMP Jinny Sims shared Diwaligreetings with the gatheredcrowd. Speeches were shortas the event was meant to be achance for people to share food,fun and music. Diwali fostersthe spirit of inclusiveness whichmakes our province one of themost desirable places in theworld to live.