NDP Says Christy Clark BC Liberals Making Working Families Suffer With MSP, ICBC And BC Hydro Fee Increases


BURNABY – If they didn’t live in a house owned by his parents, Nisha Lawlani and Naveen Bhopal say they would never be able to afford to own a home in Burke Mountain.  With last year’s provincial budget increases for MSP coming into effect this month, even the advantage of home ownership isn’t enough to overcome the high cost of living.

“We both work at full-time jobs and have two young children.  With rising costs for MSP, ICBC and BC Hydro, our family is finding it very hard to make ends meet,” Lawlani said.

The family met with NDP candidate Jodie Wickens and John Horgan, Leader of the Opposition to express their frustration with a government they feel has left families like theirs struggling to pay fees to government, but getting much, much less in return.

“When Christy Clark was a radio talk show host she said the BC Liberals were constantly “whacking” families with MSP premium hikes.  Now that she’s Premier she is not only raising those fees, she’s also hiking their Hydro and ICBC rates and cutting healthcare services,” Horgan said.

“At the same time as MSP premiums are going up, Christy Clark’s BC Liberals also raised fees for long term care, de-listed services like eye exams, physiotherapy and made prescription drugs more expensive for seniors,” Horgan said.

“I live in Coquitlam, and my family is facing these fee hikes and not getting more in return,” Jodie Wickens said. “Families are really struggling and the Christy Clark Liberals don’t seem to care.”

“Instead of tackling the high cost of living in Burke Mountain, the BC Liberals give a big tax break to millionaires and sell off valuable Crown Land to a Liberal donor for far less than market value,” Wickens said. “Christy Clark’s Liberals have turned their backs on the hard-working people who deserve better from their government.”

“The NDP created medicare in the first place.  We have been working hard to make healthcare more affordable for people, and to ensure your children get a good education no matter where in BC you live,” Horgan said.

“Voters in Burke Mountain and Mt. Pleasant have a chance to make their voices heard on voting day, February 2,” Horgan said. “It is time to make Christy Clark and her government listen.”