New Delhi, The Most Competitive Indian City


NEW DELHI –  New Delhi retained the Most Competitive City position for the second consecutive year in the India City Competitiveness Rankings by Institute for Competitiveness. It’s no wonder as Delhi gets another feather its cap, because National Capital Territory of India has always been remarkable in the history. While celebrating the 100th year as India’s capital, Delhi is adding its name in the top list of ‘India City Competitiveness Report’ for the second consecutive year. The latest report has been published by Institute for Competitiveness.

Mumbai tops the second position in the Competitive Index. The report indicates how the corporate world selects the cities for investing. It also signifies how governance plays the key role in evaluating the level of competitiveness spread across these cities.  It is easy for the governing bodies to sort out the issues which need to be solved for the improved competitiveness of the cities.  The study has included four parameters to evaluate the competitiveness: factor conditions, demand conditions, context for strategy and rivalry and supporting and related industries.

Dr. Amit Kapoor, Honorary Chairman of Institute for Competitiveness said, “Cities are already competitive and should look ahead to move from factor-driven competitiveness to efficiency-led and finally innovation-led economies. It is the responsibility of government, firms and the people to offer an almost perfect (cost effective and business positive) solution to make India a prosperous country. In short, competitiveness has the power to transform India’s urban landscapes and we owe it to ourselves as a nation to use this power to become truly competitive, starting with our most fundamental units of change, our cities.”

One of the authors of the City Competitiveness Index 2011 report Ankita Garg said “Cities are a reflection of prosperity so they should develop in a sustainable and competitive manner. It is true that the metros are moving from good to better but the smaller cities also hold immense potential and should not be neglected. So the need of the day is to cultivate these smaller Indian cities, wherein lies the potential of the country and it is then that we would see the country grow higher and sustain the growth.”