NRI Stabbed Over Stinky Shoes In Italy


ROME- A 47-year-old Indian man in Italy has sustained serious injuries after his Filipino flatmate stabbed him over his “stinking” shoes.

Identified only as AS, is still in a critical condition and the 19-year-old jobless attacker has been arrested.

He was taken to a hospital here where he underwent surgery and suffered four heart attacks. The man was found by police in a pool of blood at the untidy flat with deep stab wounds to his chest and an arm, ANSA new agency reported.

The Filipino, Micalat, was hiding in the attic and allegedly rinsed the blood off the knife used in the attack.

Micalat allegedly attacked after becoming enraged by a pair of shoes belonging to the Indian which he claimed “stank”, according to investigators.

Both men are legal residents in Milan and have clean criminal records.