NRI Techie Critically Injured In Australia Road Rampage


MELBOURNE – An Indian-origin woman IT professional in Australia has been critically injured in a deadly incident here last week when a man “intentionally” hit pedestrians with his car, killing five persons.

Nethra Krishnamurthy, believed to be in her 30s, was returning to office, after breastfeeding her eight-month-old baby boy in day care, when she was run over by the speeding driver in the country’s second largest city.

According to fund raising page set up by a family friend, Krishnamurthy sustained serious injuries, including deep lacerations to her head, a punctured lung, damage to her liver and kidneys, as well as broken ribs and three fractures to her spine.

It said that Nethra, an IT techie, has no relatives in Australia and her husband has been by her bedside.

Her baby was currently in the care of a work colleague, and some family friends, who are helping out the family.

“Given the severity of her injuries, Nethra will remain in hospital for quite some time, and following this will have a long road to recovery, both physically and psychologically”, the page said.

“Please help us to raise funds for this mum and her young family, during this unfathomably difficult time” it added.

Meanwhile, the 26-year-old James Gargasoulas, accused of killing five people in the last week rampage, was due to appear in court but his lawyer saying he is too unwell to attend.

Gargasoulas has been charged with five counts of murder over the deaths of pedestrians allegedly hit by a stolen car he drove through Melbourne’s Central Business District.

Seven pedestrians of the 31 injured remain in a critical condition, having suffered life-threatening injuries.