Olympian Arjan Bhullar To Celebrate “Olympic Day” On Monday


RICHMOND – There will be some Wrestling excitement taking Monday, June 17 at the Richmond Olympic Oval.  Bhullar Wrestling Club (BWC) headed by Olympian Arjan Singh Bhullar will be celebrating “Olympic Day” with a one day seminar designed to give young wrestlers the finer points of wrestling.

Olympic Day is celebrated across Canada on June 17 and the venue for the Lower Mainland is the Oval.  Over 3,000 are expected to take part in various events involving Olympic sports.  “I felt I should do this as a responsibility to help promote the sport on a symbolically important day”, stated Bhullar.  “We will be doing Wrestling demonstrations and getting the kids involved, along with a dozen other Olympic-Paralympic sports”

This will be followed by yet another High Performance Seminar by BWC at the Olympic Oval on June 22nd.  That will be a one day camp for all skill levels, from Grades 4 and up and include the National Team members.

Bhullar spent months putting the finishing touches to this project, “I have been working hard with the Oval and the United Wrestling Federation to put together a truly unique Wrestling Camp for the summer, and feel this is really going to be special”.  No doubt it will be special.  There is hardly another facility in Canada like the Richmond Oval.  The openness, the warm inviting feeling, and the high ceiling all add to the comfort.

In addition to the facility the coaching will be world class.  “I really wanted to showcase different aspects of Wrestling that aren’t really provided at other Camps”.  That includes bringing a World Class Strength and Conditioning coach along with a Sports Psychologist.  “We will have on-mat training, as well as off-mat training sessions.  It is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to learn what wrestling is all about, as well as allow those already involved with the sport to improve their skills”.  BWC is hoping to have more camps in the future at the Oval, and make each one unique.

The club currently operates from the Bhullar home gym but is considering a permanent move to the Oval in the Fall.  “It is such an awesome venue that allows kids things I didn’t have access to for my entire career!  Depending on the interest in the community, we will seriously look at this as an option”.  The Oval allows athletes’ access to coaches for strength and conditioning, nutritionists, physio/rehab and sports psychologist.  The tentative opening in the Fall will be open to all ages from 6 and up and will be open to boys, girls, men and women.

Arjan S. Bhullar along with cousin and two-time British Open Champion Jagroop S. Bhullar are hoping to give back to the community and create another generation of Olympians.  “I will continue my competitive career but will also be helping”.

*For more information you can visit my website at www.arjanbhullar.com, or

Register at, www.ovalwebreg.ca…..or call the Oval at 778-296-1421