‘Our collective aim is to advocate for peace, safety, and security for all individuals in Israel and Palestine’


Official Statement from Sher Vancouver regarding Israel and Palestine

Sher Vancouver stands as a registered charity devoted to supporting LGBTQ+ South Asians and their allies across Canada. With a history spanning over 15 years, our organization champions human rights and remains deeply affected by the ongoing events in Israel and Palestine.  It’s essential to note that our board encompasses diverse perspectives, including two Jewish individuals and a Palestinian Christian connection. Our collective aim is clear: advocating for peace, safety, and security for all individuals in Israel and Palestine. Our unwavering stance opposes any form of violence or conflict.  With sympathy and empathy towards the atrocities committed by Hamas on Oct 7th against innocent civilians and the loss of lives now well over 11,000 including over 6000 children in Palestine, we earnestly call for immediate actions:

·      An immediate ceasefire to halt the ongoing hostilities.
·      The safe return of Israeli hostages and Palestinians held without due process.
·      Urgent allowance of humanitarian aid into Gaza to alleviate the suffering of affected populations.
·      The restoration of essential utilities such as fresh water and electricity, is crucial for sustaining life.
·      Permission for international medical personnel and equipment to access Gaza to address the pressing health crisis.

In addition to these urgent measures, Sher Vancouver advocates for an end to the illegal occupation of Palestinian territories, aligning with international law and humanitarian principles.

“Both Israeli and Palestinian justice is tied to one another through humanity beyond any borders faith and creed. We can create a shared history of co-existence and liberation for each other rather than at the cost of one another,” states Sher Vancouver Board Member Annie Ohana.

Our plea for peace stems not from bias but from a commitment to human dignity and justice. We invite collaboration and dialogue toward a peaceful resolution that upholds the rights and welfare of all individuals in the region.