Our Hats Off To Corruption Fighter Anna Hazare


By Hardev “Ashk” Sodhi

I am amazed at the speed with which people of India and especially the youth are attaching with the campaign against corruption and the support for Lok Pal Bill of Anna Hazaare. Credit goes to Mr Hazaare and his team members i.e Kiran Bedi, A. Kejriwal& P. Bhushan who have been smart to not to be tagged with any political party and demigods. Media and Social Networking is playing a very effective important role in today’s struggle against injustice every where around the world. I salute the people of India who are trying to achieve this through non violence unlike other countries. It is time that we show our support from this part of world.

And LINK’s Resident Poet Laureate Ashk has penned this poem in honour of the man who may have reawakened India.

Parnaam tujhe, Salaam tujhe Anna Hazaare

Parnaam tujhe,Salaam tujhe, Anna Hazaare                                                                             naamumkin ko, kiya tune aasaaN, Anna Hazaare

gum ho gayaa Thaa, aam aadmi, lok taNtar meiN                                                                                                                      tumne di, usko pehchaan, Anna Hazaare

Afsar shaahi , bhrasht saNsad , corporate mafia                                                                                                  maut ka hai,  unke liye vardaan , Anna Hazaare

sakaar karegaa, vo Bharat, tera Lok Pal  Bill                                                                                                               jiske liye di, deshbhagtoN ne apni jaan,Anna Hazaare

ham parvaasi, shubh iCHaayeiN, apni bhejeiN                                                                                                                     safal ho, teraa saNgraam, Anna Hazaare

Hardev Sodhi Ashk is the (Ret)Chair- KPU Technologies, Surrey, BC.