Over 1,400 Killed In Karachi Violence Till Aug This Year


ISLAMABAD – As many as 1,406 persons have been killed in violence in Karachi between January 1 and August 31 this year, a report released by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has revealed. Of the total deaths, 658 were killed in July and August alone.

The report, titled ‘Karachi: Unholy Alliances of Mayhem’, was compiled by an HRCP fact-finding mission that ventured all over the city for extensive ground research. In a similar vein to the Supreme Court’s verdict on Thursday on the same issue, the report pinned responsibility for the killings on the main political parties in Karachi, adding that those responsible for the violent chaos are the ones who must now bring peace to the city.

“There is little evidence that there is even any realisation among the political parties, much less remorse, of how they have failed the people. There are many accessories to these murders. This is one of those instances when no bystander is innocent,” the report states.

Since 2002, political power and state machinery have been used to grab land in Karachi. “While gangs of land-grabbers and mafias have tried to exploit the breakdown of law and order, they do not appear to be the main directors of the horrible game of death and destruction; that distinction belongs to more powerful political groups and it is they who hold the key to peace,” the report reads.