Overseas Friends Of “Butcher” Modi Hold Fast Across US


WASHINGTON – In support of the three-day fast undertaken recently by Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi, who has been dubbed the “Butcher of Gujarat” for his part in the communal cleansing of Muslims in the State, for apparently peace and communal harmony, members of Overseas Friends of BJP (OFBJP) held fast in more than a dozen cities across the United States.

The fast in support of Modi were held in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Washington, Atlanta, St Louis, Chicago, Kentucky, Minnesota, Florida, Texas and California, OFBJP said in a statement.

OFBJP congratulates Modi for demonstrating remarkable patience, fortitude and determination in the midst of numerous false allegations, fabricated cases and frivolous legal issues, it said.

“Even in these trying circumstances, Modi continued to work tirelessly and selflessly and has been discharging his constitutional duties to bring all round development and progress to the State of Gujarat; so much so that it has now become a model of development not only in India but in the entire world,” said New Jersey-based Jayesh Patel, OFBJP president elect .

Maryland-based Adapa Prasad, OFBJP president alleged that Congress party and foreign sources had been levying baseless allegations against Modi for the last nine years. “His vision and good governance has been appreciated by prominent industrialists, celebrities, and intellectuals”, Prasad said.

The latest US Congressional report on Modi is an unbiased testimony to the facts on the ground. “Gujarat under the leadership of Modi has become the growth engine for real growth in India,” said Florida-based Chandrakant Patel, organising secretary of OFBJP.