Pakistan Pulls From Troops From NATO Liaison Posts


ISLAMABAD – Pakistan on Tuesday temporarily recalled some troops from border posts meant to coordinate activity with international forces in Afghanistan as relations have been pushed to an all-time low by NATO airstrikes that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.

The troops were pulled back for “consultation” on how to improve coordination with NATO and should be back at their posts within the next few days, said Pakistan army spokesman Maj Gen Athar Abbas.

He did not specify the number of troops who would be recalled, but said some would remain at the border centers.

The decision, however, highlighted current problems with coordination because US military officials seemed to think it was another retaliatory move by Pakistan for the NATO strikes.

The officials feared it would hamper efforts to liaise with Pakistani forces and increase the risk for another misunderstanding.

US military officials said last night that Pakistan was pulling out of at least two of the three centers along the border and expressed concern about the potential impact.