Peace Prayer for Ahmadi Martyrs of Burina Faso


The Baitur Rahman Mosque of Delta organized an interfaith peace prayer on January 20, 2023 afternoon to remember the innocent and peace loving members of Ahmadi community who were massacred by the barbaric and hatemongers- terrorists recently in Burina Faso when members of all ages were offering their payer in a mosque. In that horrible event nine people lost their lives and several others were injured.
Opening prayer was offered by Imam Usman Malik followed by Lakhan Naeem and Umar Chaudhary who offered their prayers and condolences. The interfaith leaders Sherry Marceil of Multifaith Summit Council of BC and Acharya Dwivedi of Global Foundation expressed their grave concerns about the rising of faith related hatred and killing around the world. They said that all members of the interfaith community believe in sisterhood and brotherhood of humanity. They recited the peace prayer from their holy scriptures.