Physio2U Brings Physical Therapy And Healing Right To Your Door


By R. Paul Dhillon

Kim Hall is a Registered Physiotherapist who came up with a great idea of a company to provide her services at the clients’ homes or businesses, something that was previously only done by individuals.

“We come to your home or business and give you a one-on-one session and it is super convenient for the client and we are getting very good feedback, especially since we are the only company doing this,” Hall told the LINK.

Hall graduated with honours as a physiotherapist from Queen’s University in 2005. She is registered in good standing with the College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia.

Since graduation, Hall has worked for Vancouver Coastal Health.  She has extensive experience in both acute care and out-patient orthopaedics treating trauma injuries and joint replacements. She has provided treatment across the continuum of care to help clients improve their range of motion and strength so that they may return to work, sports and an optimal level of function.

Hall says many people like her company’s services because they are not able to move around with a serious injury and the convenience of having professional therapists come to their home is great for the rehabilitation.

“Our services focus on manual therapy, exercise and retraining for those who are suffering from serious injuries,” she said. “Lots of physiotherapy clinics use passive therapy like machines but we are more hands on which is ultimately more beneficial for the client.”

This is what one of their client JD, busy lawyer in a downtown office, has to say about their services:

“With a hectic work schedule of 60 hours a week, I have no time to visit a clinic for my aches and pains. The fact that Physio2U can come to my office, set up a portable bed and provide me with the treatment my body needs, is a Godsend! Kim is knowledgeable, personable and professional.”

Aside from Hall, who runs the business, Physio2U,which offers services across the lower mainland, also has an energetic team of licensed physical therapists that provide comprehensive physiotherapy assessments and treatments in the comfort and convenience of your:

“If you or a loved one are in pain, have difficulties getting out of the house, work long hours, have young children or have no form of transport, these problems are overcome by one of our mobile physiotherapists coming to a place that suits you,” Hall said

Common conditions they treat include: Hip fracture, Joint replacement, Stroke, Frequent falls, General weakness post hospitalization, Pnuemonia and so on.

Services for infants, toddlers and children include: Chest physiotherapy for cystic fibrosis, stretching and education for torticollis,  Stretching and strengthening for hands and feet after ill and position in utero

The therapists at Physio2U will come watch you run, jump, and play in your regular field and use video analysis to optimize your individualized assessment and focused treatment.

For special circumstances, they can provide letters of support to the Ministry of Social Development of British Columbia to obtain funding for mobility or medical equipment.

“As physiotherapists, we aim to help you achieve your goals by improving mobility, strength, flexibility, balance, and physical function after injury or disease. As regulated healthcare professionals, we undertake thorough assessments before utilizing a variety of treatment approaches to help you reach your full potential. Physiotherapy is a science based profession and we aim to evaluate and review the latest information available to give you the best possible treatment.”

For more info call Kim Hall at 778 846 7695 or visit their website at