PICS Media Luncheon!


The Progressive Intercultural Services Society (PICS) held their first ever media luncheon (they finally got enough funding -Lol) at their Assisted Living facility to introduce their programs and staff to members of the South Asian media. PICS has been growing ever since OASIS, the first such immigrant-community services society serving the South Asian community went belly-up on the late 1990s. As the local South Asian community has grown so has been PICS buoyed by the ever increasing funding running into the millions for various social programs that the agency runs. Much of the credit goes to the PICS  CEO Charan Gill, the former activist who founded a Gold Mine in PICS. Keep it growing! Oh and PICS also honoured Photographer Chandra Bodalia during the occasion – it looks like everyone is doing that these days! Lol!!!

****By R. Paul Dhillon